E.W. Ted' Mumby 

Ted Mumby, life is a "story of greatness of a young man of great talents a tale of rich harvest from his labour of love for India, a legend of self-sacrifice for that love that has known no bounds of caste, creed, colour or nationality” wrote Dr. S P Tewarson President and Principal of LCC When Ted Mumby to India on the occasion of the 20th Mumby Basket Ball Tournament. 

Ted Mumby graduated from the University of Indiana in 1921 and in the same year came to India where he became Athletic Director at LCC. In 1932 he founded the present College of Physical Education at LCC and became its first Principal .The tame year (1932) he led the Indian Olympic team to Los Angeles as Coach and Manager The team included great wizards like Dhyan Chand, Mir Chand Dhawan, Ishtiyaq Ali, K.D Singh ‘Babu’ as well as a group of wrestlers. In 1934 he delegation of Indian Athletes to the British Empire Games in England. After 20 year in India, he returned to the US in 1941 and joined the Stanford University from when earned a degree in Physical Education Mumby already held degrees in Psychology and Mathematics and was also an ordained Minister From 1946 to 1952, Ted Mumby took the San Jose State College wrestling programme and coached tennis, gymnastic and wrestling players. 

The Mumby Basket Ball Tournament was started in LCC In 1961. In 1967, Mr And Mrs. Mumby visited India after 26 years. They came again in 1981 this time to lay the foundation stone of the Mumby Gymansium on 6 Nov. 1981 To quote Dr Tewarson once again "What a tremendous heritage he left behind in 1941, when he went back to USA and what an example of love for Lucknow Christian College and our people of India, he has set by sacrificing his million- dollar career as a professional athlete back home in his youth and now in his eighties has willed all his worldly wealth to endow handsomely the Christian College of Physical Education which he established in 1932.” Ted Mumby breathed his last on 21- January 2005

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