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Welcome to Christian College of Physical Education

Founded in 1862 as a tiny school in the Husainabad area of the old city of Lucknow, the college has a long and proud history. Husainabad School House was established by Rev. J. H. Messmore, a pioneer educationist missionary in Lucknow. It was later shifted to Inayat Bagh, now a part of college campus, and was raised to the level of High School in 1882.

In 1877 and 1888, the Centennial School (which was raised toHigh School in 1882) and Reid Christian Intermediate College were established respectively. In 1889 the college was allowed to start degree classes in Artsand Science.

Keeping in view the need of the professional courses, Teachers' TrainingCollege was established in 1932 and, in the same 1932 year, under theleadership of Mr. E. W. Ted Mumby, a pioneer of Physical Education in NorthernIndia, the College of Physical Education was established

It's second oldest Physical Education college in India.


1- Mr. E.W.Ted Mumby. 1932-1946

2-- Dr. Arther W.Haward.  1946-  1968

3 - Mr. Bob.  Forsgreen 1968 - 1973

4 - Mr. Prem R. Hamlin. 1973 - 1997

5 - Mr. John Q. David.   1997 - 2010

6 - Mr. Jagdeep J. JOSEPH.   2016 - To Present

College Team

Profesor Name
Jagdeep J. Joseph

Pricipal Off.

Profesor Name
Henry G. Davis


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